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*NSYNC and sexy times
Birthed from the loins of horny twenty-somethings, Doin' Da *NSYNC Nasty was, in its hey-day, a tight-knit and energetic mailing list dedicated to *NSYNC fanfiction and more specifically, *NSYNC fanfiction of the porny variety. Members let loose with lusty emails after television appearances and concerts until the list's dying days. Now, some of the original members of the list have resurrected its good name in the form of a highly exclusive (and dare we say elitist?) community.

Big Scary Disclaimer

While we DDNNers have matured quite a bit, it's still not beneath us to discuss members of *NSYNC and their various body parts in graphic detail. If you're squeamish or under 18, you might want to step away. Consider yourselves warned.

Thus concludes the Big Scary Disclaimer

Before requesting membership, please read the rules and judge for yourself if you can adhere to them. We hate kicking people out but we'll do it without blinking if you violate the sacred trust of the DDNN mods.

1. This isn't a promotional community, so don't even think about it.
2. Don't bash your fellow DDNNers.
3. Content is pretty flexible, as long as it is mildly related to *NSYNC or individual members.
4. Absolutely NO other-community promoting allowed. You'll be kicked to the curb and then mocked openly in the community.
5. We here at DDNN love *NSYNC but that doesn't excuse them from heaping servings of our disdain. If you have a problem with that, you might not want to request membership.

Requesting membership: You will be vetted. Heavily. There's nothing that will guarantee you membership, so don't even ask.